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Would you pay $110 for Begonia As?

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sorry, i have been thread happy today for some reason :jumping

they are full length and new
i've heard that they are rare now, but i'm still not sure if they're worth over $100!

these run small right?
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If I really wanted them, I probably would.....but I think I pay too much for a lot of things :rofl
i guess my real question is if they are actually worth that much now
I would for full length ones in my size.
I don't think that I would. I'd only go to about $80 for them.
i think 110 is a good price for any pair that you really want.
I paid $75...I believe. Used and hemmed. I think that $110 is a good price.:magwink
no, but probably because i got mine for much cheaper- around $80shipped I think.
i already hit the BIN.. lol

i'm keeping my fingers crossed, i hope they fit!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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