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Just seeing which famous people went to people's high schools here. Doesn't have to be the same class either.

I went to George Washington High School in San Francisco. The most notable names are Johnny Mathis and Danny Glover.

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Umm... Dr. William Foege. He was a huge part of the smallpox eradication in the 70s. Lol. I don't think anyone else famous has come from my village.

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My high school had a lot of famous people because it has an international curriculum and a premier performers program, so it's flexible for actors and musicians.

- Tom Green (who visited in 2000 or 2001 and brought Monica Lewinsky with him. It was weird)
- Tom Cruise
- Bryan Adams
- Fedor Andreev (figure skater - known in Canada and Russia)

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I had to Google this b/c I was curious LOL.

According to Wikipedia, there have been a number of MLB players that graduated, actress Hilary Van **** (she was there at the same time I was) and an olympian/para-olympian that graduated a few years before me but I remembered her name when I saw it (Marla Runyan)

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Meg Ryan went to my HS. Graduated many years before i went there though! And Seth Grahame Smith graduated in my class. He is the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

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High school - Ethel Skakel Kennedy, RFK's wife. Jane Fonda. Otherwise just a bunch of kids of ceo's and other not really famous people except maybe Diana Ross's daughter.

College - Also Jane Fonda! lol. Meryl Streep, Lisa Kudrow, Jackie Onassis, Stacy London, Noah Baumbach, Mike D from the beastie boys (dropped out). Anne Hathaway was there at the same time I was but didn't ever graduate, and so was Samuel L Jackson's daughter and Tom Hanks's daughter.

Amber, you were there DURING a school shooting? :(

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Lana Turner, who appeared in Honky Tonk with Clark Gable also attended my high school. Never appreciated the view from my high school until now.


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Amber, you were there DURING a school shooting? :(
Crazy! Were u there?
I was not there during the shooting.

It occurred the end of my Sophmore year in '98. I actually went to a private Christian School of about 35 students total until the end of my Sophmore year. Then I transferred to Thurston the beginning of my Junior year. Right after they had had the shooting. Crazy huh?

The kid murdered his parents the night before and then drove to school and went nuts. He shot several students and killed two.

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I went to Santa Monica High School.
lots of notable/famous people. Obviously, I am not one of ' em :(

Art Alexakis, singer/songwriter
Tony Alva, professional skateboarder
Jay Adams, professional skateboarder
Rod Allen, major league baseball player, coach and broadcaster
Lee Arenberg, actor
Sam Anno, NFL Player/ USC coach
Devendra Banhart, Musician
Lawrence Bell, Aeronautical Engineer, Founder of Bell Helicopters
Barbara Billingsley, actress
Dirk Blocker, actor
Don Bluth, animator
Dean Cain, actor
Travis Clark, Steadicam Operator (NFL Network)/Head Football Coach
Ry Cooder, guitarist/musician
Keith Coogan, actor
David ***** computer graphics professional and filmmaker
Carson Daly, talk show host
Ken Darby, musician
Eric Leach, singer Symbol Six (band)
Robert Downey, Jr., actor
Daryl Dragon, musician (Captain & Tennille)
Margaret Ehrlich, actress
John Ehrlichman, key figure in the Watergate scandal
Emilio Estevez, actor
Ramon Estevez (Ramon Sheen), actor
Renée Estevez, actress
Glenn Ford, actor
Juan Tyrone Garcia, martial artist, actor
Adam Glasser, adult film director aka Seymore Butts
Charles Gordon, NFL player for the Minnesota Vikings
Lindsay Greenbush, actress
Sidney Greenbush, actress
Phil Hill, America's first Formula One World Champion
Ryan Hurst, actor
Mel Kaufman, (American Football) NFL Football player
Natas Kaupas, professional skateboarder
Damone Johnson, (American football) NFL football player
Kibum Kim, member of K-Pop group Super Junior
Marta Kristen, actress
Tim Leary (baseball), pitcher
Jimmy Lennon Jr., ring announcer
David Linden, neurobiologist and popular-science writer
Sandra Tsing Loh, writer/ artist/ radio
Chad Lowe, actor
Rob Lowe, actor
Jim McLaughlin Volleyball (Coach-USC, Washington State)
Byron McLaughlin, MLB Player
Liz Masakayan, volleyball player/coach
Terrell Maze, (American football) CFL football player
Glyn Milburn,(American football) NFL football player
Rick Monday, Major League baseball player/broadcaster
Mike Muir, singer (Suicidal Tendencies)
Gene Nelson, actor/dancer
Parry O'Brien, Olympic Shot Putter, 2 Gold Medals and a silver medal
Pat O'Hara, NFL Player/Los Angeles Avengers coach, actor
Tyler Honeycutt, NBA Player/Sacramento Kings
Edwin Outwater, conductor
R. C. Owens, NFL football player
Adam Parfrey, journalist and editor
Karyn Parsons, actress
Austin Peck, actor
Chris Penn, actor
Sean Penn, actor
Pat Powers, Olympic Gold Medalist Volleyball Player
Kesha Ram, Vermont State Representative
David Robertson, music - music director St Louis Symphony
Holly Robinson-Peete, actress
Yvette Lee Bowser, actress, American television writer and producer
Maya Rudolph, actress/comedienne (Saturday Night Live)
Gail Russell, actress
Meredith Salenger, actress
Eric Sato, Olympic Volleyball (Gold/Bronze medal)
Liane Sato, Olympic Volleyball (Bronze medal)
Michael Sealy, head coach, UCLA Women's Volleyball
Charlie Sheen, actor
Dennis Smith, NFL Football player
Gloria Stuart, actress
Amber Tamblyn, actress (Joan of Arcadia)
Heather Thomas, actress
Dennis Thurman, NFL football, USC coach, NFL assistant coach
Tony Tarasco, Major league baseball player
Greg Turk, computer graphics professional
Robert Wagner, actor
Matthew Walker, actor, director of Troubadour Theater Company
Natasha Wheat, Artist
Darren Willis, NFL football player, personal trainer

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High School: Maura Tierney (actress)
College: (there are many, I picked a few of my favorites)
- Jim Craig, Mike Eruzione, Dave Silk, Jack O'Callahan (all played on the 1980 US Olympic hockey team "Miracle on Ice"):love
- Martin Luther King Jr
- Howard Stern
- Jason Alexander
- Geena Davis
- Emily Deschanel
- Faye Dunaway
- Ginnifer Goodwin
- Julianne Moore
- Rosie O'Donnell
- PSY (Gangnam Style!)
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