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What to do when you get a FAKE pair of jeans.

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I just want to know what to do when you get or have gotten a fake pair of jeans and are stuck with them and is no way to get your money back or exchange it or don't find out till you join a forum like this what do YOU DO or have DONE since you cant sell them or you SHOULDNT sell them what do you guys do with them just let them sit in your closet you wasted money on these and cant sell them so what do yall do? I know you can still wear them I guess nobody here where I live in iowa would really know but I would know deep down so unless somebody asked or I told them they wouldnt know but wearing fakes but still. Its like you spent a lot of money on this fake and now your stuck with it what do you do now with them!
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Well I don't wear fakes either I just want to know what you do with fake jeans.
I just didn't want to donate them and have somebody else get them and sell them on ebay and it just be another cycle of fake jeans on the net for people to buy yano but I guess writing fake on them would work!
I have one pair of fakes I got quite a while ago I bought them and someone had a different picture on the ebay post then when I got them they were very fake and had a brown tag that said made in china but I did not know what to do at the time so I just took my losses and moved on and this was a year or so ago so there is not much I could do now but the picture on the post was A REAL PAIR. I just wanted to know what I could do with them scince obviously I don't want to wear them why wear fakes when I have 30 pair of real ones yano.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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