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what exactly is japanese denim?
I like these frankie b's but it says "japanese denim"
Planet Funk
... does that mean the way the jeans were processed? or is tht the wash...

i thought japanese denim is kinda related to selvage/raw/etc. so i put it under "dry denim".. but maybe this belongs under "other brands"

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Japanese denim means what it says, the denim was constructed in Japan. In general, denim produced in japan is of particularly high quality. Furthermore, certain mills in Japan, the Kaihara and a handful of others are widely known for producing some of the most masterfully constructed denim in the World. They are the suppliers for numerous popular brands, Diesel, Nudie, etc.

Not all japanese denim is selvage of course, but many japanese mills incorperate more expensive techniques such as rope dyeing (a technique that keeps the core of the denim thread white, producing a bolder patina). They also tend to use ring denim with tighter weaves which means they are usually heavier.

Finally, the Japanese denim market has many labels which produce repros of old original models of Levi's and Wranglers. You can find some amazing vintage 501 repros as well as more contemporary cuts. Good stuff.

I guess a good way to look at it is this. If something is of japanese denim, it can only really be a good thing (though possibly pricier) and is not necessarily raw.
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