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What does the style# and cut# on these jeans mean? I've been trying to figure this out in order to track down a similar pair since mine have been patched more times than seems possible. The label info doesn't correspond to any of the style guides I've found her on Authentic Forum or anywhere else, maybe because the jeans are so old (at least 10 years).

They are authentic Joey Heritage jeans and were purchased at the original TR store in Atlanta. All I have been able to determine is that they are Joey Heritage in stretch denim. There is no "503" in the style number. Here is the info I have:

STYLE# W102387E6 (what's the "W", "2387", and "E6"?
CUT# 602139
PO# 5927 4
rn# 112790; ca# 30427

If you can shed light on this long search, I will be so grateful. I've researched all I can find, and am still in the dark. :headspin
Thank you.

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