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List of Disadvantages with Cavity Wall Insulation

1. Insulation costs. Although insulation materials are less
expensive than those made from recycled paper, many critics of cavity wall insulation claim that insulation costs are extremely high. Insulation is not something you can do yourself. The job requires the expertise of professionals.

2. Shoddy Work
Cavity wall insulation can also be a problem: Inexperienced or substandard installations can result in inferior work and lower quality materials.

3. Possible Insulation Restriction
The size of the cavity between exterior and interior walls determines how much insulation is required. It is possible to have inadequate insulation if the cavity width between the exterior and interior walls is small.

4. All houses not available
Homes built decades ago might have walls that are too solid to be insulated with cavity wall insulation. However, this type of wall can be installed in older homes. Homeowners who don't have cavity walls will need to retrofit their homes.
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