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Fibre Leased Lines

Fibre Leased Lines provide a dedicated, symmetrical data connection by sending light through fibre optic cables. Leasing companies use fiber for most of their route, including the "backhaul" part. However, some leased lines use fiber for their entire route. If you are forced to choose between DSL or Fibre, fibre is the better option. Fibre leased lines offer the fastest speeds of any type.

DSL Leased Lines

DSL can also be used to provide low-bandwidth leased lines. DSL connections are, however, contended and asymmetric. Leased Lines birmingham

Non-contended can be used and are symmetric. An alternative to ADSL is SDSL. This allows for a more secure connection and faster upload speeds than standard ADSL. It is not symmetric. You can have symmetric connections as low at 3.5Mbps by restricting your downstream connection.

MPLS Leased Lines

These types of leased line have become increasingly popular. MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol label switching. This technology allows data to be transferred from one location to another. This involves encapsulating data and attaching labels to it. Then, you decide where the data should go. It all seems quite insignificant when you consider how congestion could affect a company's WAN.
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