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i love Pam.. let me count the ways :ashamed

she's freaking hilarious
very nice to look at :eek:
patient & understanding
she respects people
she cares
she's generous
never too busy to help
she's never had a cavity
she's honest
she can make Supah Flares looks good
she has a way with Skittles
she's genuine
she's classy
she has a heart of ...Platinum even.

i could go on, but that would be selfish of me......

carry on :D


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It's very simple...Pam's the BEST!!

I have been a member at MANY forums of MANY kinds, (still am)...and I can honestly say that I have never seen an ADMIN handle him/herself better than Pam. Even when she is being called out, insulted, etc. she still handles herself with grace.

That's why she's the admin, and that's why this place is a success.

Hands down.

:bowndown...We love you Pam!!! :love :love :love

This thread is looooong overdue, but worth it!:D:D


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Yes Pam Rocks! She was the first one to help me out and has written great guides to help us newbies figure out what we're buying (and to avoid fakes!). Very witty and intelligent, and always quick to help with auth. checks. Kudos to you Pam, you've done a great job here! :love

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LMAO Nola!!!!
when I saw the title the first thing I was thinking was

" What comes in a Cute little pixie package, that has brains, and wit?"

Its Pam of course:love

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There aren't enough words to describe how awesome Pam is! Nola did a damn good job, though! Pam is by far the BEST and MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE ADMIN IN cyberspace!

I can't wait to meet up with Pam and Joan and whomever else shows up in June! Its gonna be GREAT!!
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