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So, I hate Windows Update.

I'm writing a huge paper tonight and I have a bunch of IE windows open for grad school online apps, which I plan to keep open until they're done (at least a week). Meanwhile, Windoze(bloze) update has decided that OMGWTFBBQUNEEDTORESTARTNOW!!!!!!!!! So every 5 minutes there's this window popping up asking me if I want to restart now or later, and if I don't click it'll restart in 5 minutes. How the f*** do I turn this off? I already changed the option on Windows Updates to only download updates and let me install them when I wish, but this stupid window is still threatening to shut down my computer when I'm away for 5 minutes (or worse, if it pops up in the middle of me typing, and it accidentally hits the Restart Now button)

I don't care if this update will keep my computer from imploding, I will keep my paper and grad apps up and online, damnit! It was bad enough that I had to restart last night after trying to toggle 3 PDF files opened in MSIE and the computer not knowing what to do with itself.

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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