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hey is there a true religion wishlist? i cant find one... if there isn't would it be possible to start one?
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Sure, here we go with a wish list!!

I'll start!

True Religion Billy BigT LIGHT DUSTY TRAIL!:D
true religion shorts size 26 :)
Dark Urban Cowboy Joeys with Midnight stitching in a 23 please!!!!:love

I put in a Special Order with Revolve, but would LOVE to pay less than retail for them.:)

I still can't find anything in my wishlist :(
anyone who has SLV sunshine rainbow...pls PM me! i don't want to pay retail too :(
I want the pink stitch Joey....dark vintage or whatever. I know impossible!!!:madbeating
I want TR green rainbows 26/27, which is i know its almost impossible and some sunshines also:headspin
I want Super T's in a 27 :D
1. Joey Big T in Hitchiker with Brown Stitching size 29
2. Joey Super T in MUC with Natural Stitching in a 29
3. Autumn Rainbows size 29
4. Midnight Rainbows, if they have them for women.
5. Joey Bermuda's in all washes size 29!!
6. Something in Light Dusty Trail size 29
7. Something in Gunmetal in size 29!!

SLV Sammys 27
STRETCH Super T's with Natural Stitching, 26/27
STRETCH Billy's with Brown/New Multi Stitching 26/27
Hmmm.... this could take a while!

Easy Rider Rainbow (26)
Billy Big T in "clean" blue washes (25/26)
Pink/Blue Rainbows (25)
Joey Big T Ranch Hand (25)
Joey RIGID Dark Vintage (pink stitch preferred) (25)
Sammys!!! (25)

damn lemme think

Oh yeah
Joey Big T New multi in Hitchiker:D

The rest I am getting or have bought:rofl :rofl
^^I wanna see your collection! *direct me to the thread, please!*:D
^^I wanna see your collection! *direct me to the thread, please!*:D
Not Big , just Important collector pieces:love :D :D

One day , maybe tonight, but i have some coming too:)
Joey Super T MUC
Joey mellow yellow slv or saddleback
Sammy stretch DPE
Joey LDT w/brown stitching
SLV Sammy crops
Sammy shorts
Jessica Shorts
Joey DPE
Bobby Big T Rainbow in Dark Handsand
size 24
*SLV sunshine or green rainbows (along with the rest of the world :rofl )

*anything in SLV wash or med. vinatage... or a lighter wash
1 - 20 of 852 Posts
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