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imo fake..becos the horseshoes at the back pocket are distorted and not centered..
Pockets are distorted from hanging crooked.

if those are fake they look like pretty damn good fakes to my eyes
They do indeed look pretty good.:)

Fake-o Bake-o IMO.

Stitching is all over the place, and the waist tag should have thicker super t stitching.
Wait for the pros.
The belt label should have super t stitch in RED. Its possible that they are irregular and it (superT stitch)was not applied. Also possible it came out if they are used. There is BigT stitch under all Super T stitching.

I think they look real, but get a clear well lit close up of the upper portion of the back pocket flap showing the tacking stitches and the belt label for a definitive.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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