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Hello everyone. I've been searching for a nice handbag for myself for a few weeks now and I just haven't found anything I've really liked.

However, after passing by a vintage shop yesterday I saw this handbag in the window and just fell in love with it. The last thing I was expecting was to find a lovely handbag from a bygone era to use nowadays Handbag Desiner!

Now that I'm besotted with it, I would love to know more about it.

The price tag said it was a 1950's piece. The bag has no labels at all apart from the initial 'B' stamped on the frame hinge.

Can anybody tell what the brand is, what style it is, is it really from the 1950s, and what would you call the metal detailing at the opening? I'd be happy to hear anything you can tell me about my handbag.

Thanks so much
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