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1) Please post whether your item is in stock (in stock means in your ownership and possession): In stock.

2) A guarantee of authenticity, with 110% money back: I guarantee they are authentic or I'll refund 110%.

3) What payment methods you will accept - All sales require the option of Paypal WITH CREDIT CARD, or Merchant CC account. You do not have to offer escrow/moneybookers, but may of course if you wish. All buyers are strongly urged to not purchase anything here or elsewhere on the Internet without a credit card. : I will accept pretty much any payment under the sun EXCEPT Canadian tire money

4) A link to your eBay or AF feedback. Please do NOT place links to other forums' feedback: Have feedback on Itrader.
and my ebay feedback: eBay Feedback Profile for osirus226

sz 32 True Religion Joey Big T .. I forget the name of this wash but its light, and these are HOT. I hate rigid jeans and Im sad to have to give these up but theyll never fit me.

I got them on ebay used, but in great condition and I never wore them outside. There is a black line on the inside tag.

Measurements: 33" waist, 33" inseam, 8" rise.

$80 in the US, $90 elsewhere.

sz 31 Rock and Republic Jagger Slayer in barium(I think) wash. These were purchased from a forum member in used but excellent condition. These were hemmed w/out original and the hem looks GREAT!

Measurements: 36" waist, 30" inseam, 7.5" rise.

$55 in the us, $65 elsewhere.

sz 32 R&R Scorpion in Lead(SOLD). These were purchased used from a forum member, In good condition with a few damage spots. The crotch has a little wear on the seam, and the back has damage towards the hem, it starts at about 31.5" and youd have to hem it smaller than that in order to get rid of it.

Measurements: 36" waist, 36" inseam, 9" rise

$60 in the US, $70 elsewhere.

sz 32 R&R Kiss intoxicant(SOLD). These were purchased from ebay/a forum member.. I think these are used, but they are in excellent condition and I never wore them. There are a couple of small damages on them. The left thigh has a darkish spot on them, but its really not even noticeable. Theres a line down the left leg near the knee it just looks like an extra thread line, not super noticeable, and also on the right knee area there is 2 wash flaws, again this is very small and barely noticeable.

measurements; 34" inseam, 36" inseam, 9" rise.

$60 in the US, $70 elsewhere.

sz 31 Seven for all mankind toronto gray roxy jeans. These are stamped damaged, and have a red x on the inside waistband. I bought these new and had planned to cut them into shorts due to the large ink spots they have on them. It looks to be from a sensor tag. I tried to get it out but I couldnt. The large ink spot on the leg is about 21" down from the top of the waistband. and there is a small ink spot on the other leg which is about 12" down from the inseam.

Measurements: 34" waist, 33.5" inseam, 8.5" rise.

$20 in the US, $30 elsewhere.

sz 32 R&R Atomic Kiedis logo jeans. I got these from a forum member nwot and I think I wore them out once or twice. I also tried to hem these jeans and didnt have any closely matching fabric so I used a fabric pen to match the fabric and now they have a slight fabric marker line across the jeans at about 30" inseam. Its really not super noticeable but since they were also folded there you can see it more.

Measurements: 36" waist, 37" inseam, 8.5" rise.

$70 in the US, $80 elsewhere.

sz 32 NTEL blue tricolor a pockets(SOLD). These are marked QC on ths inside. Got from filenes basement at 99.99 I never wore these. It has been too long for me to return them. The stitching on the a is a little rubbed looking but this is how they came and its not super noticeable.

measurements: 34" waist, 34" inseam, 8.5" rise.

$80 in the Us , $90 elsewhere.

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