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I bought my first pair of R&Rs. I bought them at Metropark. They were size 27, and after I brought them home and wore them for a couple of minutes I realized the rise was too low. They were jaguars and knew that Kassandras are a slightly higher rise. So, that night I ordered a pair of kassandras in strutter blue from standard style. I got them in the mail and they were too big in 27. So I returned them and received 26's in the wrong color(poison)....way too small. So I returned those and received the strutters in 26's. They fit nice except for they made my butt look really flat. So I went back to Metropark and got a pair of, well, I'm not sure what kind, but they have tan and gray "r" stitching with pocket flaps. They fit SO nicely and didn't make my butt look like a wall. i gues what I'm trying to say is the ALLL fit so differently! Does anyone else agree?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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