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Description and Photos:

1) Item is in stock, ready to ship
2) 110% money back authenticity guarantee
3) Accept PayPal
4) ebay id: whosejohngalt 100% feedback

These are in really great shape and have not been altered. I think these are MUC but if anyone else knows or thinks differently, please let me know. Below are the measurements and they were taken while lying down flat. These are great jeans and are not made anymore.

Waist:16.5 aligned and unaligned its about 15.5.
Inseam: 34.7
Leg Opening: 9.7
Rear Rise: 13
Front Rise:8.2
99% cotton
1% elastic

Sizing and Measurements: Listed

Pricing: 75.00

Preferred Methods of Payment:
Paypal with CC
Money Order
My eBay Seller ID: Whosejohngalt

I agree to refund 110% of the original purchase price, if the item in question is found to not be authentic: Yes
1 - 20 of 22 Posts