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Description and Photos:

RARE Matt & Nat Black Jorga Handbag
Excellent Used Condition

Length: 12”
Width: 15.5”

This is a rare Matt & Nat Vegan Black Large Size Bag. This is not sold in stores anymore and is a very sought after style. Gorgeous vegan black bag, very soft. It is used but is in good condition. There is a slight white paint stain at the bottom right corner but it’s very little so it does not even show in the pictures. Has a zippered compartment inside but a cell phone compartment as well. It’s a pretty big bag that can fit several large books. Any questions or additional pics, just pm me

Asking Price: $120 Shipped to Canada, add $10 to US.

Sizing and Measurements: Length: 12" Width: 15.5"

Pricing: $120 Shipped to Canada, add $10 to US

Preferred Methods of Payment:
Paypal with CC

My eBay Seller ID: denim*candy

I agree to refund 110% of the original purchase price, if the item in question is found to not be authentic: Yes
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