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I wore this pair one time, put them up in my closet and now they are too small for me. I washed this pair Once in hot water prior to selling to wash out the dirtiness of the Xenon Wash. 95% of the dirty wash came out. One more hot wash will get rid of the rest. They are stamped damaged because there were a few rust spots that were more prominent than the rest of the wash. The spots no longer remain since being washed in hot water. This pair would be gorgeous crystallized.

$75.00 Shipped Priority Confirmed

Waist straight across back 13 inches
Waist aligned 13.5 inches
Rise 7 inches
Inseam 33.5 inches Unaltered (Inseam shrunk after being washed)
Hips 16.5 across at base of zipper
Thigh 8 inches across measured 4 inches below crotch seam

75.00 Shipped

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