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1)Item in stock, ready to ship.
2)110% authentic money back guarantee.
3)Accept paypal payment with credit card.
4)1 feedback here, and ebay id cbrooke100:eBay Feedback Profile for cbrooke100

Shipping: Canada Post Expedited
Price: $90 OBO


I soooo wish that I could fit into these jeans....unfortunately the cotton/poly blend is not my friend! These jeans are gorgeous! Beautiful pink and yellow R stitching really makes the pockets pop. I bought these used and never wore them myself, they are in excellent condition. The bottom of the hems do look like they may have been hemmed up at one time and let down (see pics)? These fit very small and do not stretch, so best for a size 30 or even a 29 imo.

67% cotton 33% polyester
W: 17” R: 8” I: 36.5” H: 19.5”
Cut: 000480 Style: VARLE

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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