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Description and Photos:

Up for sale 2 of my favorite pairs that sadly don’t fit like i wish they did :(.​
1. Dark vapor Madrid crystal crowns s. 25. These are gorgeous, rare and discontinued :love ***SOLD THANK YOU***
I got these NWT from ebay and I have worn twice, they are a size 25 and I can hardly pull them on now so I must let them go. They are not marked irregular and are in excellent condition. They are missing 2 crystals in one pocket and they have a couple of details to mention, please refer to pics.​
W. 13.8​
R. 7.5​
I. 32.5 (hemmed via the baby j way so can be let out to original hem)​
Fabric: 98% cotton, 2% elastin​
This is part of the wash but it was reinforced (patched from the inside) to prevent any further pilling/hole​
Part of the wash as well but thought I should show it just in case​
This is a damage I made with hot wax from a candle, it was at one of those very dark beach bars with carpets to sit on the floor and I stumbled into it without seeing it. I think it can be removed with heat but as it is really not noticeable when wearing them (and I haven’t worn them ever since) I haven’t tried​
Whit flash

Here is a close-up with flash and focus (it is less obvious IRL)

And a close-up without flash (as you can see it is much less noticeable)
Here is a full leg shot<O:p</O:p

One pockets (the right one) is missing 2 crystals

Left pocket close-up

Right pocket close-up

Asking: $145 OBO shipped anywhere with insurance and tracking​
ETA: Just wanted to add that if you’re going to hem the crowns around 30 or less the damage shouldn’t be a problem. Also I am lowering them because, even though I paid much more for them and only wore twice, they have that damage :cry.​
Asking: $125 OBO shipped anywhere with insurance and tracking​
2. Valadium Flaming hearts in jagger cut s. 26​
I got these gently used on AF mall, I have worn them twice, and they are jagger cut and just a little too low for my liking. They are in good condition, they a have a small pick that has been there since I got them, it is on the back of a leg at the calve height, please see pic 5​
W. 14.5
H. 17.5
R. 6.25 inches (jagger cut)
I. 32.5 (hemmed the baby j way so can be let out to original around 34.5 inches)
Fabric: 72% cotton, 26% tencel, 2% lycra
Asking: $145 OBO shipped anywhere with insurance and tracking​
I would also like to trade for any of the following in tts 26​
- Any (but red) LA crystal crowns​
- Kiedis flaming hearts​
- Kiedis Pink fleurs​
- Xanex pink keidis (I can dream right​
- Kiedis studded turmoils​
Thanks for looking, please pm with any doubts, offer, for more pics, etc. :)
Sizing and Measurements: see listing please

Pricing: $145 Or best offer/trade

Preferred Methods of Payment:
Paypal with CC​
Money Order​
Google Checkout​
My eBay Seller ID: melovejeans (but i don't sell on ebay)

I agree to refund 110% of the original purchase price, if the item in question is found to not be authentic: Yes

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$115 OBO for beautiful pink crystal crowns
$135 OBO for flaming hearts

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