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Question about Dojo's from 2006

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If I posted a youtube video from General Hospital from 2006, would anyone be able to possibly identify the one girl (Robin) Dojo jeans that she;s wearing. I LOVE the wash on TV. The 7's look white to off white and the wash is a dark with lots of fading in and out.

Patrick and Robin 4-24-06 - YouTube

Any help is appreciated. Or if you know who makes the crop almost double button green cardigan. :)
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Ha, opps! I didn't even think of that! I just found the clip and was like I LOVE those jeans and the cardigan.

Thanks for the help :)
I dunno if this helps but the tv screen the 7's look square at the ends and more white.
I know! She's so tiny! Like 5 ft tall. She wears 7's all the time on the show.
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