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Hey everyone, just wanted to say, hi, I'm new here!!! You all have some very nice collections. Emmvee, Your jean collection is soooo impressive :love
Anyway, I'm going to see if I can add a picture of my tiny collection. Please don't laugh. I'm going to do a search, to see how to post pics, and I'll be back.

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Oh darn, I can not figure out to post pictures. I have done a search, and read through FAQ, but I still can't seem to get the picture to show up. :smack LOL, I feel like i'm talking to myself. I WILL figure this out. Mods, please don't be upset with me, for messing up this thread!!! I know I'm new here, and don't want to step on any toes. I just wanted to try and contribute something for my first couple of post. hope you understand :)

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I would suggest getting a free photobucket account. Then you can easily upload and copy links to the pictures. It will give you links in the [ img] [ /img] format, which is what we use

Welcome to AF! :Welcome

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Okie dokey, my lastest and most updated collection pic as ofr 11/10/2007. And i included an aerial shot for those of you who missed it last time b/c i couldn't fit everything in one shot

AERIAL SHOT, had to use an angle b/c i couldn't fit everything in one pic




Black on White London, Baby Blue on White London, Gold/Silver Sig Sydney
60s LA, Yellow Stockholm, 80s London, White stitched White Addict, 90s LA
Crystal Pink London, Blue Madrid, Silver Radion London, London Fuchsia, Black Radion Madrid

Crystal Pink Stockholm, Crystal Vapor Madrid, Crystal Red stitched London, Crystal Foam Madrid, Crystal Foam London, Crystal Foam South Beach
Crystal Pink South Beach, VB Destroyed London, Crystal Red LA, Crystal Lilac Radial LA, Crystal Silver London Addict, Crystal Foam Moloko LA
Crystal White London, Crystal White St Tropez

Gypsum Kurt, Kerosene Stevie, Steel Stevie, Methane Phoenix Roth
Xena Amethyst Kurt, Xanex Blue Stevie, Halite Kurt, Opium Phoenix Jagger
Alpha Kurt, Ozone Ray, Stroke Gold Chain Kiedis, Oxygen Phoenix Jagger (custom crystals)
Vicodine Kiss, Amethyst Scorp, Vapor Scorp, Studded Agent Kiedis
Quaalude Scorp, Sodium Scorp, Jimmy Prime, Chain logo Alpha Kiedis
Uranium Scorp, Opal Scorp, Lead Pink Fleur, Sage Crystal Nicotine Fleur

Acid Valle, Pink Chroma Roth, Crystal Blue Chroma Jagger, Steel Winger
Alpha Issac, Pink Chroma Roth, Crystal Blue Chroma Jagger, Quaalude Winger
Pulse Issac, Pink Chroma Stevie (custom Lt Vitrail crystal), Steel Jagger, Opium Banchee
Tyrant Yellow Sig Costello, Vapor Roth ( custom Erinite crystal), Hydrogen Kiedis, Uranium Roth
Full studded Agent Sig Kiedis, Fuchsia crystal fuchsia/blue roth, Tyrant Pink Kiedis, Bliss Jagger
Tyrant Blue Sig Jagger, Tanzanite Purple/blue roth, Purple/yellow roth, Radion Roth

Iradium Roth, Ice Kiedis, Copper Kiedis, Ocra Stevie Cord
Scorch Kiedis, Blast Roth, Fierce blue Studded Skull Kiedis, Black Stevie Cord
Valium Roth, Amethyst Kiedis, Valium Fleetwood
Alpha Kiedis, Turmoil Blue/Pink Kiedis, Ozone Pixi
Magnesium Roth, Omega Kiedis, Nitrogen Pixi
Ruckus Kiedis, Nova Kiedis, Methane Idol

AND.............THE REST OF MY JEANS (7FAM, TR, DIESEL, not including some other random stuff)
141 - 160 of 865 Posts
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