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I guess I'm just confused how you can have a non-US Paypal account, and list a U.S. address. Their ebay account is U.S. just seems like an open invitation to a scam for me..
I have a non-us paypal account, cause (for job matters) i don’t permanently live in the States and i opened years ago, but i do have an address that is where i receive my Americans account and credit card statements, and this address is a Confirmed US address, that is also where i get my ebay shopping. What i am saying is that it is not so weird to have a non-us account with a confirmed (or not) US address. Also, i believe that some countries just don’t apply for the buyer/seller protection program, even if they have a confirmed US address. I don’t really know how it works cause i don’t sell but i do believe that for your own safety you should check out closely with paypal.
I guess that giving a refund was the best call
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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