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so last week i went laptop shopping with my bf and i ended up buying a 13inch screen laptop, its very cute, small and versatile. lol

butt.. more about the bag...

sooo he kept saying how the laptop would look so nice in the bag, and kept going on and on about it, and i was like i dont have the bag i dont have the money for the bag so stop talking about it...

and to my surprise he pulls out a bag from his closet and says "wow wouldnt this go so well with the laptop and guess what he surprises me with............. a signature stripe tote in the brass, bronze and brown. omg the bag is sooo pretty. i'm in love. hehe

sorry no pics yet, maybe when i get my digicam back. but i love the size its such a versatile bag.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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