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NWT SFAM Lexie Dojo in Vintage Honolulu 27
I paid almost retail for these, but they were always a little too big. I found a pair in my size and wear the heck out of them. These are a beautiful wash and so soft. They are stretchy but don't stretch out, which is one of the things i love about them! I am losing a ton of money on these but I need them out of my closet. They fit a little small and are probably perfect for a small 27 or 26/27.
97/3 Spandex
Waist: 15 aligned
Rise: 7.5
Hips: 17.25
Thigh: 10
Inseam: 32

IMG_3084 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3086 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3087 by vividwords, on Flickr

EUC Citizens of Humanity Maternity Ingrid 28 SOLD
I got these from Kat, who purchased them directly from Nordstrom and wore them 3 times. I never wore them. I am getting rid of them because it makes me sad to look at them. She said they fit her well and she was a 26 pre-pregnancy.
These are original COH maternity, not jeans that have been altered to be maternity. Not sure of the wash, but it is really pretty. Please buy these and get them out of my closet!

98/2 Elastane
Rise (actual denim before belly panel):5
Hips: 18.75
Thigh: 11
Inseam: 32 (hemmed w/original, can be let out another 3")

IMG_3088 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3089 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3090 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3091 by vividwords, on Flickr

IMG_3092 by vividwords, on Flickr
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