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Description and Photos:
Paypal fees included. Shipping prices are for Priority mail and CONUS. Contact for shipping elsewhere.

1) SOLD Clark's Desert Boots in Beeswax, size 8.5. Bought without trying them on first. Too narrow for my super wide feet. Retails for ~$95+tax. Here for $75 shipped without original box in CONUS. I do have the original box and can ship it with the shoes for extra, but I'd prefer not to to make it easier.

These were the display shoes, so there's some creasing from people trying it on. But as with beeswax, it'll go away with wear.

Measures 11.375" in length, 4.3" at the widest part.

2) Gram 366g in black, size 42, supposedly like an 8.5. Low profile and sleeker alternative to Chucks. Used for a while, but they're too narrow and pointy for my liking. Be aware that the sold is starting to come away from the shoe a little bit in the front. I've included a picture of that - no significant problem though. Most of the sole treads are still there. Retailed on Revolve for $120, selling for $50 shipped.

Measures 12" in length (toes aren't supposed to reach the whole way though), 4" at the widest part.​
Sizing and Measurements: In post

Pricing: In post

Preferred Methods of Payment:
Paypal with CC

My eBay ID: vdn1114

I agree to refund 110% of the original purchase price, if the item in question is found to not be authentic: Yes
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