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Up for grabs is a gorgeous Women's size Medium Hyvent North Face Jacket. I've worn it a few times snowboarding, but it's a little too big for me, so I'm giving it up this winter since I bought a new one. It's a neutral and girly color and looks great on! The color is a cream/off-white w/grey accent colors. It is in excellent condition except for a few minor dirty spots that are barely noticeable. You can try to clean this with bleach or a stain stick. I tried taking a picture of the spots, but it won't show up since the jacket is such a light color w/the flash. The dirty spots are by the wrists of the jacket where it tends to brush along things that are touched and along the right side top and bottom pocket. They are very faint and barely noticeable like mentioned. It's more like a dusty look and not so much a stain. It's hard to keep a light colored jacket like this spotless if you know what I mean. It will come with the zip-in in cream fleece that matches it. The fleece itself could be sold on ebay for at least $50. It's actually brand new and never been worn since I've never actually zipped it in when I've gone out boarding. Here's your chance to get a great price on a beautiful well made jacket!

Asking $130 shipped

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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