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I've spent countless hours researching and cannot come to a conclusion whether this Louis Vuitton Duffle or Keepall is real or fake. I acquired it in a storage unit purchase and if it's real I want to get the stitching repaired, but if not I definitely don't want to put any money into it. I know the "made in" tag doesn't look right to me, whereas other aspects of the bag seem spot on...although I have NO past experience with the brand so I'm an amateur with this. Can anyone possibly help me with my dilemma? I can provide additional pictures and info if needed, not sure what all I needed to post. Thanks so much!
Brown Product Luggage and bags Black Sleeve
Brown Bag Textile Rectangle Sleeve

Brown Outerwear Product Black Textile
Jeans Light Product Black Textile
Outerwear Bag Product Rectangle Black
Jeans Sleeve Rectangle Denim Tints and shades
Couch Rectangle Textile Grey Line
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