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My Ditty on food

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Jingle bells , cracking shells, dont know what to do with my eggs.......
along comes a fair with corndogs in pairs, and now i am a junkie pegged.......

OHHHHHHHHH Roux smells, muffins swell, and this song will get stuck
in my head with all my other friends, oh wait.....I am just one:twitch

someone help me with my BREAD!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL, I thought you MUST be bored but I just read the truth or dare thread.

hee hee hee :)
hahahaha, awesome jingle!!! :lmfao: :lmfao:
cool dare :thumbsup

I can't rhyme to save my life :rofl:rofl
It was a collective "steal" so to speak....nameless:whistle
Dashing through AF, in a hooptie jetta heap
Everyone is mean to me cuz i can't afford a jeep
Bought 12 pairs of jeans. Not sure they're fake or the real deal
But my dog can have a blanket if he hasn't been hit by a train's wheel
Oh jingle bells, AF smells, of roux and eggs and a bar
Idalis will soon lose her mind and run off with Avatar
WTH are you smokin Danyel?? LOL!!!

ETA and Pam too ROFL
BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! oh yes;score, nice one Boss lady;)
Okay i have to throw a free one, since Pam obliged

( short version)

12 pairs of pants on clearance
11 inane food threads *barf*
10 trolls a trolling
9 change of user ID's now banned
8 about me threads
7 free porn sights
6 spammers spamming
5 drama threads in one weeeeeeeeeeek
4 threads locked
3 multi personality members
2 dogs by diffrent owners

also collective:magwink
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1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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