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Description and Photos:

I bought this Salvage thermal(M) last year and have not wore it outside of my house. It just doesn't fit me right. the sleeves are just a bit too long for me. Brand new condition. I still have the tag.

19" pit to pit
19" shoulder to shoulder
top to bottom measures about 27.5"
$35 shipped. SOLD

Next up is a L/S Drifter tee(M)...brand new w/tag. I bought it on sale and just never got around to wearing it. Can't really tell by the pic, but there is some pretty cool stitching on the front..let me know if you want a close-up.

Just under 20" pit to pit
18" from shoulder to shoulder
top to bottom is about 28.5"
I'll take $25 shipped on this one. SOLD

Modern Amusement Cardigan-M
I have probably wore this one three or four times. Just a bit tight in the chest/shoulders for me. Still in
perfect, like new, condition.

19.5" pit to pit
17" shoulder to shoulder
28" top to bottom
$40 shipped

Sizing and Measurements: Medium...see descriptions for actual measurements

Pricing: see descriptions for ea price

Preferred Methods of Payment:
Paypal with CC

My eBay Seller ID: none-but i've been here forever..ask me if you would like references:)

I agree to refund 110% of the original purchase price, if the item in question is found to not be authentic: Yes

13,194 Posts
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bump.....not sure why some of my pics are showing up sometimes and all of them at other times. if you are having trouble seeing my pics, please let me know and i'll pm you.
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