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Sometimes copycat jeans manufacturers just don't get ANYTHING right :bigeyes
Take a look at this:

The backpocket stitching is completely off

The whiskering is horrible

The style and cut no. on the tag are sown, not printed - and they got the wrong style, Dojo, to go with the amateur bac pocket stiching :rofl

Maybe I shouldn't, but here's the link:

7 Seven For All Mankind Jeans Woman Size 31 Retail $198 - (eBay item 200174209954 end time Nov-22-07 17:30:00 PST)

If this is against any of the forum rules I will of course delete the link.

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That is not effective for counterfeits. A third party is not qualified to state what does and does not infringe on someone else's rights. Only the trademark holder can have the item removed, via the VeRO program. You are wasting your energy
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