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Help with present ideas ?

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I figured this was the best place to ask.
My little brother turns 8 next week and I need help with gift ideas.
He's a funny little kid and has huge collections of keys, phones, fake money, and cars. He also really likes music, and candy..of course.
At first I thought I'd get him a big key cabinet, but the ones that are big enough for all his keys are too expensive for just a metal box in my opinion:rolleyes:.

Any ideas/toys you think he'd like?

I keep asking him what he wants but he wants things he already has, and I'd like to get him something new lol :D
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i bought a bunch of these one year and filled them with little trinkets..(each individual to the child) some random candy.:) i did this for Zachary and a bunch of nephews and nieces of mine (also the neighbor kids!).. it was a hit! and they still play with them today.. so do i!'s SO fun!
i bought a ton of my own little capsule balls too! the candy would stay fresh and wouldn't attract ants :eek:

He would so love that! thank you so much Nola :jumping
OH man - I gotta have one of those!!!

That was really a great idea nnnola.. Thanks! I will also do that for my nephews and niece :)
Collection of photo albums a sweet memory
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