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I will combine this with my other scarf/wrap thread

More to add, each is handmade by me :love These are some without custom orders that I put together. I also added some extra pictures of some different ways to wear it. If I were a half decent model I would pose but I'm not, so my dressform will have to do :rofl:magwink

1. Pink Knit with Harajuku fabric that I purchased while stationed in Japan. I used black snap fasteners. It is 30" x 70"

2. Black knit with Harajuku fabric. Also 30" x 70" With black snap fasteners

3. This is a light weight gray fabric. I think it is either a poly/spandex blend or a cotton/spandex blend. When i purchased the fabric, the label was not on the bolt. I used a Paris fabric for the trim, it is so whimsical and fun. Each scarf here comes with a matching dustbag. This is also 30" x 70"

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