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*FIT PICS* My diesel thanaz collection plus one

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I finally completed my search for Diesel denim, and here is my thanaz collection + one because thanaz 71J is impossible to find. Got bored and took some pics :D I want to size up on the 73J and 8SV, I think, they're tight in the thighs. Comments on fit, good or bad, are welcome ^^ I just started my Diesel love this year so the jeans are a bit new feeling/fitting.

Also, I know a lot of people hate sneakers, but I love the way they look and feel, so :whistle

Thanaz 73J 30/32

Thanaz 8SV 30/32

Thanaz 8DK 30/32

Thanaz 8LP 30/32

Thanaz 71B 31/32

Thanaz 8B9 30/32

Thanaz 86C 30/32

Safado 71J 30/32

Also, I was wondering if I'm sagging the thanaz too much? They feel way too tight when I pull them up, but they seem to want to sag:

Wearin em too low?
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Nice jeans. 73J is one of my favorite Diesel washes. I personally don't think you need to size up on that pair. Good collection.
Absolutely love your Thanaz collection! You have some amazing pairs! I'm very fond of the 8SV, 8B9, 73J and and 71J. Thanks for the fit pics. Now, I just need to find me some pairs. :D
Nice collection! And yeah, the Thanaz 71J seem to be pretty hard to find. The dragon pockets are kind of a turnoff though, so the Safados aren't bad. I have a pair of the 71Js in the Kander fit myself, but not in Thanaz.
The kander fit has nothing to do with my username btw... haha.
amazing collection, the 8SV, 73J, 8B9 and 8DK are my favourite Thanaz washes.:thumbsup
Wow! I never really come into Diesel land, but Im glad I randomly did!! Thats some nice eye candy!! :jumping I think EVERY pair looks amazing on you and I think they are not too low on you...although I'm a girl and don't know anything about Diesels...but IMO they look fine that way...nice tummy :D
Nice. Wish I could find the 73j in 34 or 33
I actually think the 73j and the 8sv fit you the best.
I have the Kander in 71j and like them alot. I dont like the dragon print on any of the Thanaz at all. Nice collection though.
nice collection, rizzi! i think the hem is too narrow to wear them with high tops. its getting caught up in the laces and throws the stacking off. imo, looks much better with the non laced low tops.
fit is good :thumbsup Thanaz should be worn sagged a bit.
lookin good :thumbsup
Wow! They all look really good, imo. Nice fit! :thumbsup
those all look great! what shoes are you wearing, if you don't mind? i like them too
Do hem. The silhouette would look a lot better.
Thanks for all the nice comments :excited

Yeah I've thought about hemming, but I actually don't mind the stacking too much. The shoes are all vans, either slip on, classic, or the first 2 pics are some leather del barco chukkas (super comfy). I may work on some "actual" shoes though if anyone has suggestions :D

And wow, $126 shipped for thanaz 8b9 isn't too bad. Mine was on sale and still around $185 + shipping when I got it :madbeating

I can't bear altering Diesel jeans I don't think >.< The only one I am really considering hemming is the 8LP since it is 34 inseam...ofc I listed it as 32 inseam for some reason.
Do NOT hem any of those. They all fit pretty close to perfectly!
pretty much a perfect collection youve got. I need to make a collection gallery of my zathans sometime.
Hey, what kind of shoes are those in the first pic with the 73J's??
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