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Hey AF!
Long time no talk! I've posted a few times on here but I don't really know if anyone comes on here outside of authenticating things. :(

Anyway, I purchased myself a new pair of Diesel jeans for Christmas (and am going to order a pair of 7FAM's within the next 3 weeks as well!) and thought I'd post some fit pics up.
I feel the camera represents the color of them pretty well here. They're a little more blue than they look (camera makes them look a little grey) but it's still pretty close. They're also a little stiff yet and I know they'll fit better once they aren't so I'm not worried about the extra material down by my feet.
Enjoy! I'm also wearing a Calvin Klein slim-fit crew neck shirt, Diesel "New-To-Service" belt, and a pair of Insulated Steel-Toe Red Wing logger boots. :jumping

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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