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Not even sure why I'm posting this, but just in case anyone still comes around this forum who's not a bot or haXor, I'm excited to be rekindling my R&R collection. Have found good, gently used, sometimes unworn examples of washes I could only dream about so many years ago for $15-$30 (2x Taylor Selenium, Benzels, Amicites, Radar, Intelligence, Colt, studded Benzil, etc...).

Now, here's hoping a little relaxed and bootcut type style comes back around in "fashion" here at some point. Regardless, these are still the damned nicest washes and most comfortable material I've found. I also love AG jeans but nothing compares to the 98/2 R&R blend, IMO.

Anyway, hope to see anyone show back up but if not, I hope y'all are well and healthy, all these many years later.

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