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Hello there!
Found this in an abandoned house my father bought which was filled with various other authentic vintage stuff.
Diesel "Spare Parts" Sling style canvas backpack, couldn't find any identifying tags apart from what the pictures show. Stitching seems cheap, but the rest of the bag seems good quality, even considering it's been sitting in a damp house for ages.
Glasses Hand Sleeve Goggles Bag

Textile Sleeve Grey Beige Collar

Sleeve Gesture Collar Finger Khaki

Outerwear Cap Jersey Product Textile

(The black parts are sewn on by me for patches, no complaining. Also disregard the umbrella, forgot to take it out.)

Anyone got an idea if this is authentic or worth anything? Or any info at all, I can't seem to find anything about it online.

Well, except for this one image of an ebay listing that doesn't exist anymore:
Luggage and bags Sleeve Bag Backpack Font

However the straps on the sides and in the center look different than on mine, which does not fill me with confidence.
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