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Went to a closing sale this evening and they had about 3 full racks of new J Brands in a variety of washes on sale - all for $75. The store is called Bigtime and it's in Yaletown (along that strip of restaurants/boutiques and close to Bar None). If you're in the area you may want to check it out.

1028 Hamilton St
Heart of Yaletown
on the 4th floor (it's kinda hard to find, make sure you're on the Hamilton side, not Mainland and it's street accessible... just need to go in and then find the elevator)
Closing out sale ends Sat but open Fri/Sat 9am-6pm

Mods: sorry if I posted in the wrong area... maybe this goes in to Nola's area?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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