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chanel sunglass 6040h

can someone pls help me to authenticate this sunglass
chanel 6040h
on left arm chanel 6040-H c.501/S6 5717 135 N

on right arm MADE IN ITALY A CE

on both lense has chanel on top corner

my onlh worries i dont see number/serial on right lens

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What does the "H" in the style # Refer to?

Searching by random style # for a pair of Chanel sunglasses I had back in 2006. Not sure if I should include the "H" or not. Thank you.

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I have put together a guide to help you determine authenticity of Chanel sunglasses.

For starters, if a seller has only one photo on the auction, you will need to ask for the following to determine authenticity:

1) A photo of the inside of the right arm.
2) A photo of the inside of the left arm.
3) A photo of the hinge connecting the arm to the frames.
4) A photo of the serial number laser etched on the right lense. (older pairs have the serial number on the arm)
5) Is the word Chanel laser etched into the top of each lense? (this may not apply to older pairs)
6) A photo of the logo on the outside of each arm.

Authenticity can NOT be determined by just looking at a photo of the front of the glasses (unless they are horrible fakes and the logo & shape of the glasses are off).

The style number & color code of the glasses should be printed on the inside of the left arm. An example would be 5076-H (style number) 501/87 (color code).

If you are looking at the Mother of Pearl sunglasses (which seems to be the most popular request at this time) please check to make sure the style number and color code matches the list below. The style number & color code are as follows:

Black frame w/ black gradiant lense - 5076-H 501/87
Black frame w/ yellowish brown gradient lense - 5076-H 501/18
Tortoise frame w/ brown lenses - 5076-H 502/73
White Frame w/ smoke lenses - 5076-H 716/11
Pink frame w/ grey gradient lenses - 5076-H 671/11
Caramel frame w/ brown gradient lenses - 5076-H 538/18

This combination will be printed on the inside of the left arm. Make sure it matches with the glasses being advertised.

Here is an example of the inside of the left arm on a pair of fake White Chanel MOP sunglasses:

Take note that the font is wrong. However, the style number and color code are correct. Fakes can come with the correct combination printed on them! However, notice that the letter C in front of the color code is capitalized. The "C" should be lower case with a period after it. Also, the square between the 61 and 16 is too large. It should be small. See below for correct markings.

Here is a photo of the inside of the left arm of a REAL pair of black MOP sunglasses. The inside of the left arm should look like this:

Also, take a look at the inside hinge on the REAL pair. The hinge should have only one part that bends. It's hard to explain, but the real sunglasses have one hinge and not two. See photos for example:

Fake Hinge:

Real Hinge:

On the inside of the right arm, the world CHANEL should be printed. The copyright logo is before the word CHANEL and the registered trademark symbol is after. The words "MADE IN ITALY" should not be the same size as the word CHANEL. See photos below for reference:

Markings on real glasses:

Example of incorrect text on a pair of fakes:

The serial number of the glasses should be laser etched into the side of the right lense. Be aware that fakes now come with serial numbers etched on the lense! There should not be a space between the first two characters of the serial number and the remaining numbers. You can see what I am talking about in the picture of the fake pair.

Photo of FAKE glasses w/ serial number:

Photo of REAL glasses w/ serial number:

Thanks to Punkee1016 for providing photos of the fake sunglasses for our reference guide.

Hopefully, this information will help. If you are still unsure, feel free to post an auth check! :magwink
Hey, I know this is a super old thread, but hope to denote a boutique only pair from a mass produced pair of Chanel sunglasses?
Thnx :)
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