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Black Friday shopping?

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Is anyone going and what are you planning on getting? We are doing something different this year we aren't going to ANY stores (SO hard not to) however we are going CAR & TRUCK shopping tomorrow (we keep getting things in the mail saying car dealerships are participating in the 'sales'. So Dodge Dart or charger here I come (maybe) haha :D
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I am going to do some cyber Monday shopping I think!
I think I will be doing the same thing:)
I see a lot of places with better savings then black friday!
^ really :confused: i should have waited :(
well depends on what you are looking for I guess :magwink
:rofl haha.. well today i did a little shopping for myself :p
What did you get??
shoes :jumping

frye carson ballet flats.. i am hooked, i think i have all the colors now :rofl

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Cute! I love flats!
they were marked down to $59 and another 10% off that and free shipping :D i love blue anything.. these shoes will go with jeanz :rofl that makes me happy :jumping
I avoided the craziness... but did go out friday afternoon... to the craft store... and bought stuff to make hair flowers... for %40 off! :rofl Whoot, go me!
Were those the ones in your pictures on facebook? They were cute!
I was a nice big sissy and took my little sister to the mall around 6 in the morning. It actually wasn't that crowded at that time... in fact, it seemed less crowded than it typically is. I bought some pretty cheap sweaters from the Gap and a few things from H&M, and she bought a top from Anthropologie and a new bra and yoga pants from Gap Body.
^ that is soooooo sweet :love
Were those the ones in your pictures on facebook? They were cute!
Yep! Thanks Debbie :D And about 20 more :rofl I'm going to see if people want to buy them, I had so much fun making them, and they'd be cute stocking stuffers!
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