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Authenticity Check --please.

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I bid on these prior to joining this forum and apparently I won them a little while ago -- now I wonder if they are real? Let me know what you think...

Seven 7 For all Mankind jeans bootcut 32 womens EUC ! - (eBay item 230189778850 end time Nov-17-07 13:26:05 PST)
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Real, and older IMO; wait for the PROS to be sure though.

real. i think you might be able to fix those nasty slits with fabric glue...

I didn't think baout fabric glue -- great idea. Give me a few more opinions gys -- I am not paying for these until tomorrow.
How can you tell these are real? I am not doubting your answers, b/c I am truly grateful for all the great advice I get here. I am just trying to educate myself a little better on the qualities of real 7's and the traits of the fakes.

There's really no way to say 'how they're real'. Once you've seen enough, a real pair looks like a real pair! It just looks correct. This one in particular, is a very old pair from the 1st season they were ever made in, when the back pocket red label said SEVEN, not For All Mankind like it has every season after. The SEVEN ones were not faked
I thought it said "seven" on the pocket tag -- that's when I got nervous that I had won fakes :)

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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