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This is my first time writing in this forum, and I need your help.
I just got into buying into some TR jeans.
As much as I'd like to go to Nordstrom to buy them every time, a poor college has his limits.
So I used the bay to get some good deals.

Now, since I only own a couple of pairs, I'm not the best at distinguishing fakes from the real ones.

True Relegion Men Jean Size 32x33 Billy Super T | eBay

What do you think about this listing, which I have won but yet to pay for.

Seems like a blatant fake.. I dont even know why I bid on it.
And even worse, the seller already sent the item without even receiving the proper payment.

Hope it turns out it really isnt a fake... What do you think?

Thank you for your help.


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The whole thing went down quite weirdly.
Believing that the jeans were real, I tried to pay with my paypal.
It just happened to be that my credit card was over the limit, so the transaction failed.
However, my shipping information still went through to the seller.

I just picked up the jeans from the post office, and yes, it's absurdly fake.

I accused the seller of selling a fake and threatened to open a case, and he immediately backed out saying sorry.

He requested a case for canceling transaction, so all I had to do was to just click yes.

Now I'm left with this pair of fake jeans... lol
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