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Hello! I'm new to this forum but it seems like there are a lot of experienced collectors (.....LouisV :D)
that might be able to help me with this. So I purchased a "lightly used" Louis Vuitton Reverso 40MM M9007 38in/95cm on eBay
(It was an Auction, I payed $197.50) about 5 days ago, it just arrived today. I have done a vast amount of research but
I'm having trouble finding info about this belt. There is just one thing that concerns me it's this right here.
It just doesn't seem like this cut is of LV's high standard although I may be wrong?

Flash (Off)

Flash (On)

But because of the lack of info about this belt I don't know whether this is normal or a blatant fake!?
Anyways here are the rest of the pics including the heat stamps on the back and stitching. (quarter for size reference)


View of Stitching & Veal Leather

End of Strap

Heat Stamp

Heat Stamp (Close)

Dust Bag

Any help identifying whether or not this belt is authentic or fake would be greatly appreciated!
But do remember this is a used item so it may not be in 100% perfect shape. :confused:
If any further pictures are required to discern it's authenticity then just ask and I will promptly upload them.

Thanks -Will

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Okay so after looking at the heat stamped date code it says BC which should denote the fact that its made in Italy
but it says made in Spain does this mean its a fake it seems like that it probably is if the date code and country that it's made in are different?!
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