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Authenticate please - bought on ebay and returned, was I wrong?

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Hi. I'm new here, but have been visiting the forum "unregistered" for a while. Love it!

So... I started looking for jeans on eBay last year when my weight was fluctuating after surgery. When I saw the BIN for these, I was totally excited and jumped on it without asking for detailed pictures. When I got them I thought there is no way they can be real. I asked to return them and she said absolutely, no arguement.

LN 7 for All Mankind Flynt Bootcut Distressed Jeans w Ruby Rhinestones Sz 27 | eBay

I returned the jeans, and the seller relisted today and raised the price (came up in my Flynt search). I took pictures before I mailed back to her, in case I needed to open a PayPal care. Are these actually real and I have no clue what I'm talking about? :eek:



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Thank you!! I could not imagine a world where that tag and hardware was real, and was shocked to see them relisted at a higher price tonight!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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