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Authenticate please - bought on ebay and returned, was I wrong?

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Hi. I'm new here, but have been visiting the forum "unregistered" for a while. Love it!

So... I started looking for jeans on eBay last year when my weight was fluctuating after surgery. When I saw the BIN for these, I was totally excited and jumped on it without asking for detailed pictures. When I got them I thought there is no way they can be real. I asked to return them and she said absolutely, no arguement.

LN 7 for All Mankind Flynt Bootcut Distressed Jeans w Ruby Rhinestones Sz 27 | eBay

I returned the jeans, and the seller relisted today and raised the price (came up in my Flynt search). I took pictures before I mailed back to her, in case I needed to open a PayPal care. Are these actually real and I have no clue what I'm talking about? :eek:



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Definitely fake. You were right.
Yeah, the little red size tag is the worst of all. Never has SFAM ever used that font type and never will. Too bad you can't leave her feedback anymore; I'd neg her to warn other buyers.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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