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Can you please authenticate these? They both look like pics were taken from time of my life. In one of the feedbacks, I can see the original auction. Usually, I would stay away from these type of auctions, your opinions on this please. Should I just stay away from these auctions? I plan to wear with flats, so short inseams are fine. I wear a 28 pre-pregnancy, so thought I would size up. Not a whole lot on ebay right now. Thanks in advance!

SEVEN 7 FOR ALL MANKIND MATERNITY JEANS RF-NYD 29 SMALL - (eBay item 330187777407 end time Nov-17-07 14:51:08 PST)

Seven 7 For All Mankind Maternity JeansB-BKK 29 small - (eBay item 330185578514 end time Nov-13-07 12:56:34 PST)

Original auction
SEVEN 7 FOR ALL MANKIND MATERNITY JEANS B-BKK 29 SMALL - (eBay item 150167679714 end time Oct-17-07 10:00:00 PDT)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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