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ANY Frye Experts? Are these fake, do they make fake frye??

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I know it sounds strange, but are there fake frye boots out there and did I buy a pair? I purchased a real pair from frye and then found the "same" style on ebay for 100.00 less so I purchased thinking I would return the ones that cost more. Well comparing the two boots, the leather is completely different, the stamp on the bottom of the boot and even the box is diff. Please see photos and offer opinion. Is this first pair fake?? THANK YOU!!

Box from ebay:

Box from frye:

stamp from ebay boot:

stamp from fye boot:

Ebay boot:

frye boot:

ebay boot:

frye boot:
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They fake everything. :(

Hopefully someone can tell you if they are real or not. You should post pictures of the boots as a whole as well as just the close-ups that you have. :)
The leather looks cheesy compared to the Frye ones now that you put them next to each other.:(
I agree. :(
I thought Frye was made in the USA? Are they having them made in Mexico now?

Edit: Nevermind I just noticed that my Frye handbag is made in China. Dammit. These are the womens boots made in the USA.

Some of the ones are your list are also made in Mexico.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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