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Brand new never worn BUT washed once!!! Antik Corduroy bought from J&J a few months ago. I absolutely love them but the thighs are just tighter than I like, so I have never worn them (I have muscular thighs for a small frame).
Style #: WT32227
Cut: A00157
Color: Fawn Indigo (beautiful)
Size: 27
Waist: 13.5" flat
Hips: 17" (under zipper)
Rise: 7.5" (low-rise)
Inseam: 33.5" (Bootcut)
Thigh: 8.5"-9"

There is a small knot? (seems to be in the fabric - not a hole) under L. front pocket although hardly noticeable but I wanted to mention it. They did come this way and I didn't even notice it at first!

I am asking $70 shipped (since I did wash them). If you want anymore information or more pics, just PM me. Thanks! :D
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