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Here are two gorgeous pairs of True Religion Sophie Shorts in size 32.
I wore these only about three or four times each, as they soon did not fit, and now they don't fit again! I searched for these high and low as a 32 in these is super hard to find. They are minty mint except for the Discos have one crystal stud missing, and the Earth ones had the front button come off. I re-attached it with thread, and it was fine, but there is probably a way to put it back on permanently, I just didn't bother.

Disco Sophie


True Religion Earth Sophie--32


Asking $80 shipped SOLD THANKS!:woohoo

**Not looking for trades at this time**

TR Pink Rainbow in Lonestar--32

I'm sad that I have to part with these as I am sure I'll never find them again!
They are in great condition and I haven't worn them that much as they were soon too small when I got them, now they are too big. The only thing I want to mention is there is a slight line where I had them fold hemmed and then let out, it's not that noticeable and I think it will eventually come out with washing.

Waist 16 w/dip
hips 20.5
inseam 33

SOLD! Thanks!

True Religion Classic Rainbow in Dark Lovestruck-31
Next, a pair of the Classic Rainbows in Dark Lovestruck. Beautiful jeans only worn a handful of times.
These are a 31 but they run bigger, will fit 32 as that is the size I was when I wore these.

waist 16
inseam 33

True Religion Joey Zoe Disco in Body Rinse--32
These are beautiful and I only wore them three or four times.

Waist 16
Hips 20
inseam 35

Asking $65.00 Shipped

True Religion Julie chainball in Vixen(black) 32
I love these jeans, and only wore them twice, but they just don't fit.


asking $80.00 shipped

True Religion Pink Crystal in Rinse-32
These are very unique and I think I'm the only one who liked them, but I still do! Worn maybe three-four times. All crystals intact

Waist 16
hips 19.5
inseam 33

asking $55.00 Shipped

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