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  1. Diesel Jeans
    I just bought Zanity 8AT and noticed it has R on the coin pocket logo. What's the difference? BTW, please help me authenticate this jeans. Thanks.
  2. Diesel Jeans
    Hi everyone! I recently bought a pair of jeans (ZATINY WASH 0R8HZ) at a german shopping club ( which exactly looks like the pairs sold here: DIESEL - ZATINY 8HZ JEANS W32/W33/W36 FW10* neu bei Jeans (endet 14.11.10 14:09:11 MEZ) The cow leather application looks...
  3. Diesel Jeans
    Hey i just ordered a pair. they were very hard to find. Now im hearing they run real small. Does anyone know anything about them? Or where to find a bigger pair.
  4. Diesel Jeans
    Hi, I'm pretty new to these forums, but had a couple questions about a pair of Zatiny jeans I'm interested in picking up. Diesel ZATINY 029 Jeans [Diesel ZATINY 029 Jeans] - $109.99 : 1. Does anyone know what actual style name these are? I'm pretty certain there's no such thing...
  5. Diesel Jeans
    So I own a pair of Zatiny 8YM which I truely loved and enjoyed. For the sake of summer, the 8e7 wash is definitely a must. So I got it in a few days back. What I am reporting is, given the same cut and definite authenticity of both pairs, the 8e7 is looser than the 8YM. BTW, I had 30x30 in both...
1-7 of 8 Results