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  1. True Religion Jeans
    Hello, I just purchased what appear to be a pair of True Religion Casey leggings from a thrift store tonight & I was just hoping that some experts on here might give me an honest opinion. I can never be too sure these days! Let me know if you need additional pictures or information. Thanks...
  2. JUICY COUTURE and Other Accessories Brands
    Hi, I just purchased a gray Juicy Couture velour vest from a thrift store and it says on the small skinny tag to the right of the main tag "Made in Indonesia". Is that normal, or an indication of a fake? Thanks!
  3. Citizens of Humanity Jeans
    Hello, it's the REAL YuNoHoo here, just to clarify, & not my incredibly rude younger sister! I have a pair of what appear to be kelly #063 stretch low-waist cropped Citizens of Humanity. I've read the guide on here & they seem to fit the bill on every point of things to look for, but having...
  4. Helpful Reference Threads
    Okay well I would really appreciate it if you could look at these photo's i took of my authentic juicy couture bag and two unauthentic juicy couture bags from ebay. I would really appreciate it if you could verify they are unauthentic..... :twitch Authentication verification :: IMAG0311.jpg...
1-4 of 4 Results